3’oclock Slump

July 26th, 2010

Do you have a 3’oclock slump? Do you have any predictable daily slump? I mean any time of day when you wish you could take a nap?

Many do. I don’t.

If you do, consider what you are eating that might make you crash. Or better yet, consider what you are not eating that might pep you up.

A hot meal for breakfast and/or lunch might make you feel like snoozing. Save it for dinner.

For breakfast try a fruit smoothie, or just a bowl of fresh fruit. Add some extra vitamins or other supplements and you should be turbo charged for the morning.

For lunch hit the salad bar. Lots of fresh vegetables with some walnuts, avocado slices, and a nutritionally fortified dressing will keep you awake and help you be productive.

For dinner, then eat cooked foods because they will fill you up and make you sleepy.

During the day, snack on fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds.

If you try this regime, please email me and give me some feedback.

It works for me.

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