Adrenaline Junkie Christmas – Bah Humbug!

December 24th, 2013

In the US celebrating Christmas is an adrenaline junkie’s binge.

It begins on Black Friday in November when buying becomes a frenzied activity. There is the pressure of the right and wrong presents and woe to the giver who does not excel.

Then Cyber Monday and continual sales pressure consumers into exceeding non-existent budgets in order to make the season “magical” for others.

What’s the magic about?

In my heart it is the magic of a star appearing in the sky that wise men followed for perhaps a thousand miles to find a baby that was God in the flesh. It is the wonder that occurs in my heart when I can get past the sales pressure and think about what God has done for me, miserable sinner that I am.

For adrenaline junkies, shopping, baking, planning meals, attending parties, and wondering if the right people will be at this or that gathering, consume the mind. Like an addiction the expectations of what some ad agencies have projected as a perfect Christmas possesses the mind and we wonder will our Christmas measure up.

Can we stop and listen? Not for sleigh bells or snow but for the still small voice of God that calls us to give up the hype and enter into His presence.

Whether you are a Christmas junkie or just experimenting with the adrenaline, there is hope.

Just stop and concentrate on God. Read a gospel story of the birth of Jesus and how Mary pondered these things in her heart. Stop and become a ponderer.

It is hard for me to accept that I may have to work my way through this pondering, year after year, until my sensibilities are completely retrained.

No matter.

Today I can say that if I can enter into HIs presence, it is enough, more than enough.

Wise men still seek him. I am dedicated to seeking, finding, receiving and loving Him, again and again until it fills my soul entirely.

Merry, joyful, prescient Christmas to all!

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