Believe in Impossible Things #2

February 15th, 2010

Last month I wrote about impossible things.

So where do you stand on the scale of believing impossible things: once a year, once in a lifetime, or once a day? If your answer is not at all, let’s have a talk. Do you have time?

If you always believe “possible” things, you may never move to another level of thought, belief or action about those things or perhaps any other things.

How should you begin to believe impossible things? Begin by banishing the heckler inside you. The heckler is the voice that calls you stupid, a dreamer, lazy, ineffectual or any other epithet that is unlovely. You have given this heckler squatter’s rights inside your head and heart. Evict the beast now! That beast may be a compilation of every thoughtless word that has ever been said against you by others and it doesn’t belong in you.

Now invite only positive influences inside. Be careful what you read, watch and think about. Be your own bouncer and don’t let the garbage in.

After cleaning your “inside of you” house, now lean back and allow yourself to listen to the air, the birds, the weather, every little bit that surrounds you. Listen to the inside of you. And pretty soon you will feel the heart of God beating in you, beginning to awaken you to impossible things. Your heart will pound and you will become more awake than you have been in a long time, perhaps forever.

If you begin to awaken to impossible things, please leave me some feedback. I will rejoice with you.

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