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June 7th, 2017
The Power of the Zip

The Power of the Zip

The Power of the Zip

The Power of the Zip will help you fix broken relationships, perform better at work and at home, de-escalate potential violence in the workplace, and help anyone speak and listen more effectively. You will recognize bad habits and learn to reframe them into “language leverage”.

Thirty-seven powers of effective communication are explained and made easy to recognize and fix: The Power of Listening, The Power of the Zip, The Power of Setting Context, The Power of Vocal Tone, The Power of the Question, The Power of Taking In, The Power of Silence, The Power of Caring, The Power of Being Real, The Power of Arresting, Compelling Language, The Power of Breathing, The Power of the Smile, The Power of Connection and many others will help people see themselves as others see them.

If I told you that this book could make you excellent at your job, indeed, help
you succeed beyond your wildest expectations, would you read it?

If I told you this book could improve your marriage, a lot, would you read it?

If I told you this book could improve your relationships with your family,
friends, co-workers, boss, neighbors, anyone you interact with, would you read it?

If I told you this book could help you accept yourself, know yourself, love
yourself more, would you read it?

If I told you this book could help keep you safer as you interact with police, other security professionals, anyone in authority, would you read it?

If you work in any profession that helps keep the peace at home, in your community, in your state, in our nation, would you read it?

It will.

When you read The Power of the Zip, take your time, take notes, think about any ideas that challenge you, ponder, practice, and perfect the way you listen and the way you speak, and you will experience life more fully, more effectively and more successfully. I promise.

If you are not fulfilled in your life and your work, this book is for you. Used as a basic text in all classes taught by Strategies for Living Unlimited and Re-Boot Camp ®, this book is basic to listening and speaking.

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The Power of the ZipPower of the Zip in a Heavenly Light

What Readers are Saying About Jill Kamp Melton’s Books

Jill Kamp Melton has a unique way of expressing exactly what you need to hear about making your communications focused, powerful and understood. And it is so easy to understand and implement. As a matter of fact, if you just implement one concept from the book, such as learning when to speak or how to listen or when NOT to speak…it will transform your communications. If you are in a relationship where you feel like you are not understood sometimes, whether it is in your family or in your business or in your community, this book will clarify things for you and help you change your concept of who you are and how to communicate that effectively.
— Reader Review,

No kidding, folks. This is THE read of the year! If being the best communicator you can be is your goal, then this is the resource for you. Be ahead of the power curve…have in your possession all the tools necessary to control the flow of communication whether it is in the Boardroom, bedroom, or backroom. Every page is packed with totally insightful and helpful ways to get you there…no fluff…just the meat and potatoes! Know what the pitfalls and strategies are for getting your point/views/ideas across the table or office, heard and understood, and taken seriously. Learn from the master without taking the courses. Needed this resource years ago!
— Eddie Gualtieri-McDonald