Counter-intuitive Direction

May 13th, 2013

Sometimes you may have to go left if you want to go right.

In your mind you logically figure out that going right is the easiest route, the most direct route and the one most people take. What you don’t know is that there might be dangers in that route. Going left in order to go right may take you around pitfalls, avert mistakes in logic and control your sheer arrogance. Arrogance and pride, thinking you know best because you are so smart and wise and experienced, are attitudes that should light up your heart with neon light sensors that impel you to reroute, redirect, and recalibrate.”

I know that the GPS of the Divine Traffic Director can give me the route I need to travel. Look at the defining moments of your life and consider which left turns brought you opportunity and which right turns left you stuck in a rut. If you are stuck in a rut now, what would it take for you to go left, just for once.

Why are people more willing to follow a GPS from Google than one designed by an intelligence greater than any human can possibly envision?

Sometimes you may have to go left if you want to go right.

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