Disaster Angels

April 18th, 2010

With the Icelandic volcano spewing forth and escalating its output, I have been overcome with the certainty that a new job exists for all the unemployed and all those who find no fulfillment in their work. That is the job of “Disaster Angel.”

Earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanoes, coal mine collapses and other acts of God have created a new growth industry, Disaster Relief.

From the small, seemingly insignificant acts of mercy, like feeding people stranded in airports worldwide, to arrivingĀ  on the scene and ministering, looking for people who can’t move and need help, to any other act of service that presents itself, there are no lack of opportunities.

Of course, pray as if the salvation of the world depended on your prayers. Act as if the next sandwich you give someone in distress will save a life. Be the person that others turn to and hug, help and hunger yourself to be the solution.

I think armies of “Disaster Angels” are required now. That’s us.

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