Disciplines in Living and Working

June 2nd, 2010

Recently a friend commented that my picture made me look young. Besides good genes what’s the secret?

I have decided to do a year of “Lent’s”. The first one has gotten me up early to use the treadmill before work. I’ve added a second exercise activity in the afternoon but it is not yet a habit.

The second Lent was to read the Bible in a year, a bit every day. Using the online program at www.fromgardentocity.com I am on schedule. A recent work trip interrupted my stride, but I am back on track. I also read the blog attached to the plan.

The third Lent has been to discontinue the habit of crossing my legs at the knee. This has been a hard one and yet, I take every urge to God, and I resist. The veins in my legs complain less and I have learned to sit other ways.

The fourth Lent has been control of portion size when eating. After attending an hour long course on portion distortion, I willingly undertook to cut back and imagine every serving of anything sitting on antique china plates which are small.

The fifth Lent is my overall eating program. I have decided to go back to the vegan diet I used to follow 6 years ago. Check out www.hacres.com and their 60 day challenge. I like the encouragement of the videos and the uncooked food choices are delicious. I am not thinking that I will be on this for life. I am still taking it one meal at a time.

A by product so far is that I have lost 6 pounds and am about to make my seamstress, Lucy, a very happy lady, with more business. I also have lots of energy, don’t nap, and, as someone remarked, look younger than my chronological age.

I have more Lents to go this year. Wonder what will be next?

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