Do You Take More Than You Give?

December 6th, 2009

We often look at other people and judge them as to whether they “take” time and attention from others or “give” time and attention to others. Okay. But what about us?

When you walk into a room (a class, a church, a social gathering, Facebook), are you thinking, “Who will notice me? Who will be my friend? Who will give me some attention?” Or do you enter a room filled with people and thin, “Who can I encourage? Who needs a smile, some attention, a hug?”

I figure that I can be a taker or a giver. So can you.

How do I decide which one is best? Easy. How does it make me feel when someone else is always asking for something, wants me to meet their needs that are like a bottomless pit?

Honestly, I try to avoid those people, sometimes. It’s like, no matter what I give them, it will never be enough. It’s like mosquitoes who attackĀ  just because they want your blood. They leave us with a terrible itch and rash and they go away full and happy.

So, this holiday season, I am examining when I give and when I take. I want to be a giver, not a taker.

Imagine how God must feel, with all of humanity wanting something. The few rare souls who just live in order to be His hands and feet and heart, must be so refreshing to Him. No taking, just giving and BEING.

Now there’s a New Year’s Resolution for us all.

One Response to “Do You Take More Than You Give?”

  1. marianne Says:

    Jill, you are so right. Living as a giver is the only way to feel fulfilled. It seems counterintuitive, but since that is our nature (just like our creator) that is the only way we can truuly be happy. When we concentrate on me, me, me, we are limiting our own happiness. Doesn’t make sense to our finite minds, but it is the truth!

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