Don’t Read My Books Unless You Want to Change

June 6th, 2013

Responding to feedback about my recent Power of the Zip books, I need to give you a clear warning.

These books are not novels that promise excitement and suspense until you read them.
These books are not easy reads.

The Power of the Zip and The Power of the Zip in a Heavenly Light require you to work for understanding and to work for change in you. Unless you spend time working on the assessments and grappling with what you will learn about yourself, they will be useless.

I don’t know how people get past the first chapter without their head hurting a bit.

Figure out what you talk about most, what others talk about most and the way you use language and you have a chance to be heard, understood, and to love others with not only your words, but with your silence.

Don’t read my books unless you want to change.

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