Epidemic: Language of Hate Everywhere

August 19th, 2013

Have you noticed that there is an epidemic of the language of hate everywhere?

Conservatives hate the causes and the people who espouse those causes on the liberal side.
Liberals hate the causes and the people who espouse those causes on the conservative side.

People who think their rights are being curtailed hate those who want to curtail them.
People who want rights spelled out and restricted hate those who want no limits.

Some people who say they are Christians hate those who don’t want visible Christianity.

Some people who say they are Christians want visible expressions of Christianity.

Christians, Jews, Muslims, atheists, and others seem to want their positions visible and the other positions invisible.

What’s the common denominator? Hate.

The language of love should transcend our differences. Hate on either side is noise pollution and injures our spirits and our ability to love others in spirit and in truth.

The cure for the epidemic of hate language is the language of the presence of love. The power of the presence of love makes it safe for people to be themselves without fear of criticism or condemnation. The power of the presence of love means that without words we can love one another and not argue about this or that.

Without love people fill the vacuum with hate. And yet everyone needs to feel loved. Love with skin on it is basking in the aura of those who love you unconditionally. If you have never experienced that, it’s hard to be love for others.

Down with hate language. Up with the language and the presence of love in all things.

The hard thing is that most people don’t know how to do this. I find it hard and yet it is my goal, to love others and rise above differences.

Judgement and condemnation are not my job, thankfully. They are not your job either.

Our only job is to love one another lavishly and beautifully.

That’s the cure for hate: love. Exchange hot heaping hunks of hate for lavish loads of love.

I believe that the epidemic of hate can be cured one loving moment at a time, one loving word at a time, one loving experience at a time. Other schemes have failed. This one will bring healing to our world.

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