Extraordinary Results for Ordinary People

October 18th, 2009

When one person is speaking to one or more people, I call that a “presentation.” When presenting anything to others, you will communicate more effectively if you follow these tips.

I have said that I can’t teach people to have passion or presence but I can teach people to use themselves and language to overcome the lack of those exceptional gifts.

Here are a few suggestions:

  1. It is essential to have single-minded focus.  When you are speaking to someone else, you must be IN the present. Don’t let your mind or eyes wander. The person or persons you are with must be the most important in the universe to you at that moment.
  2. Don’t “playwright” or think ahead to what you think the other person will say or what you will reply. Receive their words as though it is impossible for you to imagine what they will say, how they will color their words and how the whole encounter will affect you.
  3. When the other person is emotional or passionate, paraphrase frequently to make sure you get what they are about.
  4. Ask open questions.  Consult: www.criticalthinking.org for some resources that will give you essential tools and lists of excellent questions to ask.
  5. Learn and practice using language with the skill of a surgeon.
  6. Listen as though every word were the oxygen you needed to breathe.

Following these suggestions will help you achieve exceptional results in communicating with others.

Yes, it requires concentration, self-control, and practice. The results will reward you  with more passion and presence than you usually have.

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  1. marianne Says:

    These are very valuable tips. Thanks so much!

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