Free Books?

September 25th, 2009

Did Jesus charge for the stories He told, the wisdom he imparted or the miracles He performed?

Did native American Indians charge for the oral tradition of their culture as they passed it on from generation to generation?

Do parents charge their children for the advice they give?

Since the collective answer is “No”, I have decided to give away my books to anyone who cares to read them online or download to ponder.

This is my succession planning, my attempt to clone myself.

I consider it my job to give away the best that I have if it will help others.

So help yourselves and go to the Resource category. Download the books I have linked for you. Enjoy. And if you are any the better for anything I have written, please leave feedback. It will not only encourage others, but it will encourage me.

One Response to “Free Books?”

  1. Jodi Votel Says:

    Thank you, Jill. You are inspiring and gifted.

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