How Can I Ask For A Raise? I Need More Money.

March 19th, 2010

First remember, no one gets a raise because they need more money. That’s a handout and bosses are not in the business of giving handouts. In fact, if a boss knows that you have money management issues, even in a bad economy, he/she may begin to doubt your ability to make good decisions.

Second, timing is everything.

Ask your boss when it might be a good time to discuss whether or not you can ask for a raise. Make an appointment. Even if the answer is, “In four months,” write that down and regard it as a good first step.

If you are invited to begin the discussion, simply ask, “What criteria are most important to you when you give someone in my position a raise?” Then take written notes on the answer.

Also, go to HR and find out how many raises have been awarded in the last year or two years, to people in positions like yours.

Once you get some information as to the criteria for getting a raise from your boss, begin to track your accomplishments in those categories. Make a table, add to it as often as you can, daily or weekly.

When your table of accomplishments in the areas that matter looks impressive, give your boss a copy and ask if there are any categories that stand out as exceptional and any that glare as needing work. Again, take notes.

If you continue to prepare your record of accomplishments, you are giving your boss a position paper to help justify your merits.

As you have success with this tactic, please contact me through this website. I like to track the successes of my online coaching.

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