Invest Money Wisely

October 13th, 2009

Inspired by the blog of a friend ( I would like to recommend the blogger’s ideas for spending money wisely. Jamie Martin suggests investing in health, investing in your library and investing in experiences, not stuff. It is the 3rd suggestion that got my attention particularly.

Experiences enrich the soul, the memory, the mind, the body and continue to inspire one long after the experience is over. Stuff enriches closets, drawers, attics, boxes and other storage areas. Stuff gets old, moldy, dusty and out dated.

Investing in experiences may cost more time than money. Perhaps experiences will cost time and money in equal shares. The money may even cost more than the time spent. Nonetheless, investing in experiences will yield dividends for a lifetime.

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  1. marianne Says:

    This is sooo important. We throw away unwanted stuff, but treasure memories forever. Even when one’s memory starts to dim, you can talk about times that were spent together and memorable experiences. This can spark life into anyone. Maybe that’s why long term memory last longer;-) There are also many memories to be had for free!

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