Listening as Though Each Word Were Oxygen

February 26th, 2010

A student recently told me that He shared my advice and wisdom with his wife, “Learn to listen as though every word you hear were the oxygen you needed to breathe.”

She smugly retorted,  “If that were true, you would suffocate.”

I asked him if that were true, and unfortunately he admitted it was.

What gets in the way of your listening and really hearing what someone says to you? Is it your own assumptions about what they really mean? Is it your impatience to take in their meanings while you write your own response in your mind?

How would you know if your listening is poor? By the feedback, verbal and non-verbal others give you. If someone says, “I told you that a few days ago,”  where were you in the original conversation?

Learn to be present in the present. It will help your relationships and it will calm you down. Don’t race to the next moment. Savor the one you are in.

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