Lose Weight – Be Fit

September 12th, 2010

So I have lost 15 pounds and exercise regularly. My blood analysis shows excellent results. Magic? No. I had a plan and I am executing it. Want to know more?

It started with a course I sat in on, about “portion distortion.” Of course I knew that I ate too much, but the metrics impressed me.

So that was Step # 1 – Reduce the amount of food I eat at one meal.

Step #2 – Exercise daily. I go to the gym, it’s a block from my house, early in the morning, because I am a morning person. I figured out that if I got up 15 minutes earlier, I could exercise, go home, eat and get to work on time. I like to be productive and this was a good start. On a good day, I also exercise when I come home from work, either a walk, a bike ride or more gym. Yesterday we went for a kayak trip on the intercoastal.

Step #3 – Change what I eat. I have become a vegan and I love the food I am eating. I also love the food I don’t eat. I just don’t eat it, that’s all. I eat fruits, vegetables, whole grains, seeds, nuts, sprouts, as much organic food as possible, and as much raw as possible.

I don’t eat animal protein, dairy, fish, and much cooked food.

Step #4 – I plan what I buy and what I eat, sometimes. I’d like to do it everyday, but I’m not there yet.

Step #5 – I got help. I registered online for a free 60 day challenge at: www.hacres.com

Everyday you get a video to watch on your computer and some recipes. Then I visited Hallelujah Acres in Shelby, NC and bought some recipes, ingredients and ate at their cafe.

Step #6 – I found a wonderful vegan restaurant nearby that we visit when I need a boost.

Step #7 – I just joined an organic food coop in my area. Check your area for one. For $30 a week I get a basket of organic fruits and vegetables. You can add on extras for a fee.

Step #8 – I don’t think about the rest of my  life eating this way. I just take it “one meal at a time.” It’s less overwhelming.

Step #9 – I prepare food this way for guests. So far they have eaten everything and ask lots of questions. Some are inspired to improve their eating.  I have given up worrying about what others think.

Step #10 – I prepare food for my husband the same as I do for myself.  He eats what he wants when I’m not around and that’s OK. I’m not the food police.

Step #11 – I bring this kind of food to a weekly potluck I attend and people always eat what I bring and say it’s delicious. They are starting to change some of the food they bring.  But I am not the food police. Although I don’t eat the animal protein dishes, I don’t talk about it unless specifically asked a question.

If you are interested in this and have specific questions, contact me.

Lose weight and be fit. I’d love the company.

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