March 15th, 2009

I love to be silent in a noisy world. I love to rest in a world that is very busy. I enjoy loving in a world that is hateful. I indulge in thinking in a world that is mindless. I love to cook in a world that is addicted to fast food. I crave eating nutritiously in a world that eats whatever it pleases and is obese. I thrill to the creativity in sewing and other handicrafts in a world that knows only ready-made. I have urges to rescue in a world that discards casually.

I choose words carefully in a world that treats words like garbage and spews them forth rashly. I love to sleep in a world that is overtired. I love to plant in a world that loves to uproot. I love to nurture in a world that is selfish and self-absorbed. I seek after wisdom in a world that ignores the value of it.

I thrill to color in a world that is black and white. I love tactile pleasures of texture in a world that finds shiny and smooth more economical.

I like to be soft when the world is hard. I must be alert in a world that has fallen asleep. I hang on to naïveté in a world that idolizes sophistication. I pray in a world that doesn’t understand the value and purpose of prayer.

I puzzle about the unknowable and try to glean wisdom from the pursuit. I like the challenge of making things work even when my brain cells rebel. I must encourage young people because they need it. I teach because I aspire to be the teacher I never had.

I read because I value the efforts of others to get it right and put their thoughts down for the benefit of others. I go into “deep thinks” because I am a one-woman think tank. I look for truth in dark corners and try not run from the hard thoughts.

I seek beauty because it reflects the face of God. I embrace my womanhood because I don’t like the alternative. I admire men for being different from me.

I aspire to have order in my life, my things, my home, my relationships, and my heart. I enjoy my friends because they are God’s gift to me. I open my home to others when God fills me with the overwhelming desire to share it with others.

I love to learn new things because that is the secret of youth. I long to learn from the past in order to enrich my present and my future.

I love loving restored historic places because they cause me to reflect on who I am today.

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