Problems Can Be Disguised Blessings

August 7th, 2013

So what’s good about spending the night in an airport because the taxi cab driver can’t find your hotel? A second cab driver was also clueless and the GPS was ignorant.

So instead of wandering around country roads in Oslo, Norway we asked to be driven back to the airport. We weren’t alone. Tucked into nooks and crannies of the airport were lots of homeless travelers waiting for morning. Sort of an upscale homeless shelter.

Then after a short flight to Paris we joined the ranks of disrupted travelers. Our Air France flight was canceled and a new one was to leave three hours after the originally scheduled one. Vouchers for free food were only valid for a sandwich and water, but free is free!

The process of the bait and switch involved standing in long lines twice for more time than our legs cared to endure.

Finally, we boarded and left late and arrived to the US late. More lines in customs and a long wait to find our baggage, and the shuttle bus to our parked car. We arrived home close to seven pm instead of 1 pm, but we were home safely.

The upshot is that we had no jet lag the first day and the second day is dawning with still no jet lag.

Lesson Learned: Delays, Obstacles, Routine turned upside down worked us through jet lag and we didn’t even know it.

Our problems were disguised blessings. Who knew?

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