So – Sew -Daily

July 4th, 2013

A relationship with God is a living breathing organism. To be real, it must experience nurture. I must invest time, prayer, thought and presence daily, even more than that, for a relationship with God to have life in me and with me.

If I don’t experience the presence of God in my spirit daily, my spirit dries up, crusts over and empties quickly. Why should I be surprised? I don’t know but I am astonished as how quickly my relationship with God suffers if I neglect it, even for a day.

Freedom is like this. No coasting on yesterday’s snowfall will keep me sledding today. If the snow melts, gets dirty, rutted and muddy, I get stuck. Of course I get stuck. Anyone would. W hat kind of arrogance and pride thinks that will not happen? Yikes! Shame on me!

Freedom renewed is freedom alive. I will try to reverence that today, July 4, 2013.

My relationship with God needs to live today, too. I will spend time with God to nurture His presence within me.

So – sew daily!

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