Stress Management

November 22nd, 2009

You’ve heard of “Death by Acronyms”. This is “Life by Acronyms.”

I’ve outlined a course in stress management and the acronyms are your roadmap to increased health.


S is for stormy, stubborn,  and stumbling.

T is for taxed, trembling, teary, tormented, tempestuous, tested, and  troubled.

R is for rushed, rude, rough, revengeful, rebellious, and racing.

E is for enraged, empty, edgy, envying, exasperated, and exploited.

S is for suffering and sick.

S is for scattered, struggling, and shallow.

Frown is the next signpost of trouble.

F is for fury.

R is for revenge.

O is for offend.

W is for worry.

N is for neglect.

Fine is another sign of stress.

F is for frustrated.

I is for irrational

N is for neurotic.

E is for emotionally unstable.

Another sign is worry.

W is for wrinkled

O is for overbearing

R is for “right”.

R is for roaring.

Y is for yoked.

Feeling like a failure is another sign of stress.

F is for fear.

A is for anxiety.

I is for illness.

L is for loneliness.

U is for unloved.

R is for rejected.

E is for empty.

All these signs should be an S.O.S., a cry for help. You must recognize the signs and ask for help.

S is for Spent.

O is for overwhelmed.

S is for sick.

Change that acronym to another SOS and you will be on your way to health.

S is for simplify.

O is for opportunity and order.

S is the chance to start over.  It’s never too late.

Halt is what AlAnon uses to remind people to stop when they are hungry, angry, lonely and/or tired. Stop and reboot. Find out what the source of the problem is before moving forward.

Now is where you want to live, in the here and now.

N is to recognize the need and take note.

O is to begin to create some order for yourself.

W is a reminder that, with wonder, you can be on a new road to health.

Plan is your next step.

Prepare and prioritize

Learn and listen

Analyze and Awaken


Renew yourself.

R is for read.

E is for examine and eat.

N is for name it, name what ails you and begin to look for solutions.

E is for expectation and exercise.

W is for work.

Work is also for other activities.

W is for willingness.

O is for order and orderliness.

R is for ready.

K is for kindness and knowledge.

We have to reinvent ourselves, the present and the future as we go along.

If you would like to know more about these concepts, a stress management workshop can be scheduled at your workplace. Contact Strategies for Living Unlimited to find out more.

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  1. marianne Says:

    I particularly like the acronym for “fine’. As a therapist, it is the one word that doesn’t work for me if you tell me you are “fine”. It usually means, I don’t want to think about how I am, now back off! But your description is priceless:
    “Fine is another sign of stress.
    F is for frustrated.
    I is for irrational.
    N is for neurotic.
    E is for emotionally unstable.”

    Next time we should think before we respond, “I’m FINE!” Ha.

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