Verbal Venom

November 26th, 2013

What should you do when someone uses language, vocal tone and attitude as “verbal venom?”

Stop it before it infects your interactions at home, at work and your community.

Verbal venom can spawn a plague of disrespect and bad feelings in a power play: whoever is louder and more verbally vicious wins the war and the dead spirits of formerly alive loving people lay everywhere.

Stop it at the first sign before it spreads.

1. When someone hurls their crap at you the first time, even if it is aimed at your heart and bruises your spirit, duck. If you are stunned and can’t duck, mentally and emotionally remind yourself that it’s their crap, not yours. You are OK. Then pray blessings on the zinger, to defang and change them, so they are rendered harmless. Pray that they will want to hurl blessings, not zingers.

2. Resist at all costs, the desire to return the crap. If you do, you indulge in the dangerous sport of banter that is one word and one attitude away from robust and abusive language. You feel hurt and now your flesh wants to hurt the person back.

3. Don’t repay evil with evil. Repay evil with blessings. It’s counter intuitive and it’s the godly way. Dare to be godly in this.

4. If you seem to fail, leave the danger zone. For how long? As long as necessary.

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