What To Do If You Are Not Shopping

November 7th, 2009

On a bike ride today, I was sorry I didn’t pack a trash bag or two in my backpack. What would I have done with it? I would have parked it periodically and enjoyed bending exercises as I picked up litter by the side of the path.

Who else will do it?

Sometimes prisoners from the local lockup are tasked with cleaning up after lazy, thoughtless people who have their freedom. I wonder what the prisoners are thinking when they work in their bright orange jumpsuits, heavily guarded by armed security officers.

Are they thinking, “If I were free, I would never throw trash by the side of the road?” Or is it more like, “I’m so glad other people create trash so we have a chance to do some work outside and get a glimpse of the world again?”

What would our streets look like if everyone had a trash bag in some pocket, ready to clean up messes as we find them or make them? If there were no trash, what would trash cleanup workers do with their time?

As for me, I will pack a trash bag and do my part. I’ll lose weight, tone up, and clean up my neighborhood, just with a quick bend.

I don’t even care if no one sees me do it. I will feel good!

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