Why should you have a life coach?

May 14th, 2013

Why should you have a life coach?

Recent clients report, “My relationship with my daughter was terrible. She closed me out. You and The Power of the Zip brought my daughter back to me.”

Another said, “I thought I was being ignored and not taken seriously at work. I realize now that I can coach others to give me what I need to help them. Disrespect wasn’t the factor; what was missing was that I was taking offense rather than seeking to help others help me to help them! Wow!”

And another said, “How can I translate my experience into proof that I can do what a prospective employer might want me to do? When you showed me the power of the functional resume, I realized that I don’t have to sell myself, just the functions I can perform. When you showed me how to ask questions that show I could step into their world right away, relief flooded over me. You have showed me a new way to interview and to market myself.”

A life coach can help you discover your potential and know what to do with it. Schedule an assessment with me to see what we could do together.

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