Trigger a Tsunami of Transformation

One Conversation at a Time


Strategies for Living Unlimited is committed to upgrade the way you speak and listen.

We partner with you to strategize,facilitate and trigger transformational ways of communicating more successfully. Our purpose is to inspire organizations, communities, and families to interact effectively with curiosity and respect. Our easy-to-understand process will guide you into healthy relationships, behaviors and communities. 

We are continually customizing our tools to meet the needs of each client. As a Transformational Change Agency (TCA) we help assess what changes are necessary and we provide the techniques you need to make amazing changes and to make them stick.  

Areas of Practice

Law Enforcement

Our mission is to help de-escalate violence and create safer communities. We help law enforcement officers and executives to, "Use language with the skill of a crisis negotiator and to listen as though every word were a matter of life and death." 


Accountability to a mission requires professional, mature and accountable communications among those who serve and those who are served. We train people to create a community where people want to be professional, mature, and accountable for maximum organizational health and effectiveness.

Cyber Security

Spokespeople in the world of cyber security need to talk about complicated topics so that people can understand them and know what to do in case of a breach or an unexpected event. We help prepare messaging and prepare the messenger to handle the media with professionalism. 


Removing blindspots and reconfiguring what business does and how they do it is our goal. We help establish business health so that profit and service work well together.


Despite regulations we help government agencies use innovation and accountability in communications so that all stakeholders operate as a team. Boring doesn't have to be the way people communicate in government. Professional communication is the gold standard and we coach executives, managers and employees to exceed their expectations of their own effectiveness. 

Higher Education 

Extensive experience in education helps us bring to all learners the curiosity and creative problem solving that will prepare students for a lifetime of discovery as they meet the needs of the rapidly changing global culture. Looking for true wisdom and ways to serve the world and one's own needs is how we work. To know what to know and how to use that knowledge and wisdom is how we guide you.


Communication etiquette rules may change;
the need for excellent professional, family, and social talk never changes.