Courses We Offer

Your Training Awaits 

A sampling of the courses that we offer: 

  •  De-escalate Potential Violence – Learn more effective listening and speaking behaviors
  •  Creative Problem Solving
  •  Leadership Excellence – How to Lead when others don’t want to follow
  •  Hot Topics Survival – Learn how to talk about hot topics and not only survive the experience but thrive and become a role model
  •  Preventing Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
  •  Media Coaching for Spokespeople
  •  Presenting with Passion and Purpose
  •  Networking: The Art of Authentic Relationships
  •  Change: Being Proactive about change; Knowing when to change perspectives and direction and when not to
  •  Managing Stress (instead of allowing stress to manage you)
  •  Managing your Time
  •  Cloning Your Expertise and Effectiveness: Mentoring and Coaching
  •  Business Etiquette
  •  Making Meetings Work
  •  Interviewing
  •  Using PowerPoint without Boring Yourself and Others
  •  How to Transition from Being a Data Dumper to a Collaborative Facilitator
  •  Retraining the Trainer
  • Using The Power of the Zip for: Relationship Repair, Team Building, Facilitation, Coaching, Leadership Enhancement, Time Management, Stress Management, Legacy Planning, Strategic Planning, Vision Casting