Our Team


In the past, as independent contractors (individually), we have performed this type of work for: Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), National Security Agency (NSA), Department of Defense (DOD), Department of Labor (DOL), Department of Transportation (DOT), Department of Energy (DOE), Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), State Department, Department of Justice (DOJ), General Services Administration (GSA) Federal Fleet, and Defense Contract Management Agency. Now, Strategies for Living Unlimited has become a team of many facilitators, course developers, and business administrators to perform work on a broader scale.

Jill Kamp Melton - Founder and President of Strategies for Living Unlimited. Rated as the “Top Instructor” for the Federal Aviation Administration’s FLI program in 2016; Recipient ot Woman of Distinction Award in Alexandria, VA 1990; designed and facilitated training programs for FAA, Department of Transportation, TSA, Women’s Bureau of Department of Labor, Department of State- Foreign Service, Coast Guard, American Systems, DMS,, Congressional Quarterly (CQ), Extension Group, ISC (2), 6 K Systems; with 19 years of university teaching in the Washington, DC Metro area; TAG, State Department Senior Seminar, The Brookings Institution, Department of Justice Assistance, National Athletic Trainer’s Association, Yale University and others. Author of The Power of the Zip; recognized expert in improving communication. Awarded Employee of the Year by DMS 2011; National and international experience including workshops and meetings in Australia, India, Chile and Peru, the United Kingdom, Puerto Rico, Canada, and Greece; Certifications: Citizen Police Academy, Aventura, FL; Crucial Accountability; B.A., M.A.

Sidney M. Nowell, Esq., professional attorney, facilitator, specializing in Government Relations, Land Use/Zoning, Civil Litigation, Family Law, Education Law, Immigration Law, Employment and Labor Relations; thirty-five years of active law practice; Certified Mediator, Arbitrator and Hearing Officer; Labor/Employment specialist; facilitator of communications courses for Federal Aviation Administration, U.S. Postal Services; State of Florida Department of Education; facilitates Conflict Resolution, Labor relations and Alternate Dispute Resolution for federal agencies; Certified Mediator throughout United States. Specialties in Government Relations, Labor/Employment Law, Immigration Law, and Administrative Law. Assistant General Counsel for New York City Housing Authority; Deputy General Counsel for New York City Mayor’s Office of Labor Relations; negotiated and drafted contractual agreements for major sports (i.e., Major League baseball, U.S. Tennis Open, etc.) and entertainment (Rolling Stones concerts, etc.) events. Assistant Professor Bethune-Cookman University; Other clients: Bristol Meyers Corporation; Mobil Corporation; Seyfarth, Shaw, Fairweather, & Geraldson; National Labor Relations Board, Newark, New Jersey; Department of Labor; B.A.; Juris Doctor.


Marian Licha is recognized for her expertise in cross-cultural facilitation. She has facilitated hands-on training for diversity programs; developed multicultural and bilingual training programs, and conducts training workshops on inclusive leadership, hiring practices and supervision issues. She coaches executives on presentation skills as well. She honed her skills as a diversity trainer with the professional services firms, Organization Twenty-One and Travisa. She is currently a core facilitator for The Next Level. M.A.; B.A.

David DeBoy has more than 20 years as professional facilitator of training programs for business, non-profits and the entertainment industry, in writing, directing, and producing live events, television, radio, video production, website content, and promotional, informational or educational materials; hands-on management of live event, video, audio and web conferencing across the country and in Europe; published playwright, produced Off-Broadway; Recipient of 2 Emmy Awards, a Telly Award and a Vision Award. Clients include: Unisys; Fannie Mae; General Services Administration FedFleet; Hilton Worldwide; National Business and Travel Association; Software Publishers Association; National Association of Counties; American Society of Travel Agents; United States Telephone Association; American Association of Retired Persons; National Automobile Dealers of America; International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions. B.A.

Dr. Florence L. Hamn, Extensive executive, leadership, facilitation, legal, and budget experience with Federal Aviation Administration, Department of Transportation, Department of Justice, serving in domestic and international programs, developing the first U.S. draft Model Airport Security Program, a comprehensive and standardized format for all then Part 107 regulated airport security programs to be used by aviation security law enforcement personnel; D.SL. M.S., B.S.

Jovanni Tricerri specializes in relationship and leadership development with extensive experience in addressing complex issues across cultural, political and industry sectors to create collaborative working solutions. With 20 years’ experience in community development, Jovanni works with regional and international clients in areas of organizational leadership, program management, communication strategies, facilitation, learning & instructional design and team building. He has served clients in Central and South America, South Asia, and Africa. B.A., M.A.

Master Coach, Master Facilitator and Advisors

Dr. Naomi Collins-Beltz, A professional Relationship Therapist, Master Life Coach and Transformational Trainer
Also known as Dr. Naomi she has helped thousands of people in crisis or in the midst of challenging circumstances including Michael Bostic, Retired Asst. Chief, LAPD. Has worked in CA, NY, and Israel. An international conference speaker, writer and inspirational teacher Dr. Naomi champions individual, relational and spiritual authenticity skillfully integrating her therapeutic wisdom and winning life-coaching strategies. She shares her own personal stories of recovery and transformation in her uniquely humorous and no nonsense style. 

Dr. Patrick Williams – Certifications: Licensed Clinical Psychologist; Certified EMDR (Trauma Reduction Techniques); Certified Ericksonian Hypnosis; Coach University – Senior Trainer; Master Certified Coach; Licensed Clinical Psychologist; Certified EMDR (Trauma Reduction Techniques); Senior Trainer, Master Certified Coach, Registered Corporate Coach; Board Certified Coach; President and Founder, The Institute for Life Coach Training; Curriculum Consultant for Coaching certificate program at Fielding International University; co-authored six books; Highly regarded as an expert in the coaching profession; on the Board of Directors of the International Coach Federation (ICF); chaired the ICF Regulatory Committee; owned an Employee Assistance company providing EA services to employees in a Colorado hospital; member of EAPA and created an International Mastermind & Focus Group: Coaching Employees in the Workplace; added an EA & Workplace Coaching Specialist™ certificate program for EA, HR and related workplace professionals incorporating coaching into their skills and services to employees, teams and organizations. International experience; just accepted into Forbes Coaches Council. B.A. Psychology (Cum Laude & Phi Beta Kappa); M.A.; Ed.D.