Insights for Free

Wisdom not for Wimps

7 behaviors that exceptional leaders engage in make them exceptional:

1.     They relate well to people even those who are mean and don’t like to work in teams. They don’t hesitate to separate from terminally toxic people.
They accept reality about people and situations. If there is negativity, they don’t gloss over it.
3.     They know they are not right all the time. They welcome times when others are “more right.”

4.     They never lose sight of their vision. They change tactics as necessary.

5.     Growth of others is what they crave. Coaching others so they can grow is what they do best.

6.     Sometimes they let go and move on to new projects when all doors are shut. They don’t pound square pegs into round holes. They may change the holes!

7.     They plan for lots of margin in their lives. Making time to ponder, and reason, and read, and live in the middle of silence is paramount in their days.