Perspectives, Assessments and Tools to Help You Avoid Using Language Recklessly

The Power of the Zip 

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"This is a crucial book because just as in WWII a slip of the lip could sink a ship (by revealing information malicious people could use against us), so, in our conversational lives, what we say, and how and when we say it, and what we forego saying either advances, retards, or wrecks our relationships. There is really NO ONE for whom this book will not prove to be a life-saver. This is because it will keep you from being emotionally and cognitively misconstrued, while multiplying your ability to get across what you most want to communicate. The book will definitely reduce and even eliminate those post-conversation postmortems where you beat yourself up for how you came across, what you meant to say that failed to come across, and how you put your foot in your mouth.
If you talk to people, either one on one, or to the multitudes, you need this book."
Stuart Dauermann