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Giving You Tools to Listen and Speak More Effectively - The "Zip It" Way

Why We Do it:

  • Almost 90% of complaints about government and customer service in the US in general come from the "meet and greet" stage of communication. Traditional training hasn't reversed this 
  • Reducing complaints reverses bad first and second impressions of the public towards people who have power and authority and anyone who is serving the needs of others
  • All sectors that we serve increase their reputations as responsible, agile, able to get the job done, and transformational change agents

What WE DO:

  • Strategies for Living Unlimited combines communication training with coaching for "gription"
  • We repair relationships, help you remove blindspots and bring you and your organization to greater levels of performance and growth
  • We create assessments for your needs
  • We provide training that is interactive with hands-on in class experiences. 
  • Strategies for Living Unlimited combines logical, subjective and transformational processes to help your organization perform professionally and with maturity for understanding and growth

The Heart of Our Training

"Where is it written that you can't reinvent your leadership

for yourself and those you work with?"

We give you tools to change "The Zip It Way."