What We Do

What We Do


Giving you the Tools to Listen and Speak More Effectievly 


Our Mission

- Strategies for Living Unlimited combines communication training with coaching for "gription".
- We create assessments for your personal needs.
- SLU training is interactive with hands-on in class experience.
- SLU combines logical, subjective and transformational processes for understanding and growth. 


- Almost 90% of complaints about law enforcement in the US come from the "meet and greet" stage of communication

- Traditional training hasn't reversed this

- Reducing complaints reverses bad first and second impressions of the public towards law enforcement officers

- With our training, people will not dread encounters with law enforcement personnel 

- With SLU training, people will be glad law enforcement is doing its job



The Heart of Our Training

"Learn to use language with the skill of a crisis negotiator and to listen as though every word you hear is a matter of life or death"
"Rebooting the way we talk and listen, one conversation at a time"